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Products Overview
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Contact-free Sensor
  • Highly sensitive, absolutely contact-free
  • Placed under the mattress
  • Can be compatible with all bed and mattress types including active mattresses
The Bedside Unit
  • Displays continuous measurements of patient’s heart and respiration rate
  • 6 levels of bed exit sensitivity for patients at fall risk
  • Patient turn protocol and verification of turns for prevention of pressure ulcers
Central Display Station
  • Real time status display of up to 40 patients
  • Visual and audio identification of potential critical events
  • A variety of patient management reports including nurse shift report and patient status report
Hallway Screen
  • View the Central Display Station from anywhere in the department
  • Real time display of up to 40 patient's measurements
  • Visual and audio identification of potential critical events
Transmitter and Pager Devices
  • Personalized alerts sent to the assigned caregiver, designed to prevent alarm fatigue
  • Non-responded alerts escalated to the nurse manager’s pager
  • Ability to integrate with hospital existing handheld devices
Chair sensor
  • Contact-free sensor placed inside a memory foam cushion
  • Monitor patient vital signs and bed exit
  • No wires or leads attached
The EarlySense System is a fully integrated patient monitoring supervision platform that provides continuous vital sign and motion information for general care patients.


The Central Display Station (CDS) at the nurses’ station helps on duty nurses to continuously supervise the status of the patients in the department wherever the clinical staff may be.


What Differentiates Our Patient Monitoring Platform

The EarlySense System allows the fastest way to the patient, thereby may facilitate more timely intervention by the clinician and serve the goal of early detection of patient deterioration, fall prevention and pressure ulcers prevention in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.


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