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EarlySense Safety
Introducing the EarlySense Safety Solution


Reported by Clinicians to substantially reduce patient falls1,2 and pressure ulcers (Decubitus) 2


Fall Prevention

The System is designed to allow the fastest way to the patient.

  • Enables the caregiver to be at the bedside before the patient has exited the bed
  • Facilitate optimized night care with personalization of monitored parameters and automatic adaptation to patients unique needs at night2
  • Allow the caregiver to proactively address potential falls


System Features

  • Immediate, Actionable Alerts
  • Individual & Team Response Times
  • ‘Rest indicator’ for early indication of patient’s potential attempt to exit the bed and up to 50 seconds prior to the ALERT3


Clinical Results: 43% Reduction in Patient Falls 1,2




Pressure Ulcer (Decubitus) Prevention
Automatic motion analysis Assist clinicians to identify patients at high risk for developing Pressure Ulcers


System Features

  • Detection of patient turn movements and air mattress usage
  • Real-time turn reminders to on-duty caregivers handheld devices
  • Movement data reports including system recognition of patient’s turns, response times and ability to ensure team protocol compliance


Clinical Results: 64% Reduction in Pressure Ulcer (decubitus) 2



Contact-free motion based solution for patient falls prevention




Download EarlySense Safety Brochure



1 Palace, ZJ et al, AGS. May 2013

2 Brown, HV & Zimlichman, E, Improved Outcomes and Reduced Costs with Contact-free    Continuous Patient Monitoring on a Medical-Surgical Hospital Unit. 2010

3 Shinar, et al, Computing in Cardiology, September 2013




Contact-free motion based solution for patient falls prevention