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EarlySense OEM
EarlySense contact-free and continuous patient monitoring technology is available for OEM integration


Allowing maximal flexibility to enhance product offering,
by integrating any combination of the main EarlySense modules – Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Prevention of Pressure Ulcer / Decubitus and Prevention of Patient Falls


Respiratory Rate and Heart Rate are clinically established as the most important indicators for early detection of patient deterioration,up to 6-8 hours prior to the critical Event.


EarlySense’s continuous motion analysis provides smart indications to the medical staff, to inform them when a patient starts to exit the bed, and helping the staff manage patients with higher risk of pressure ulcers.



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Respiratory Rate
  • Breath per minute (Br/min)
  • High accuracy
  • Thresholds crossing notifications
  • Indication of significant trend changes
Patient Fall Prevention
  • 6 levels of bed exit sensitivity
  • Delayed exit notification for wandering patients
  • Additional visual indication of potential exits
Pressure Ulcer /Decubitus Prevention
  • Motion analysis
  • Indication of low movement patients at risk
  • Patient turn reminders
  • System recognition of patient turns
Heart Rate
  • Beats per minute (BPM)
  • Highly validated
  • Thresholds crossing notifications
  • Indication of significant trend changes


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