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NHS Hospitals choose EarlySense to improve Patient Safety
The EarlySense Safety System has been Successfully Chosen as a Framework Provider for an NHS Multi Hospital Tender & EarlySense Clinical Outcomes were Selected for an Oral Presentation at the International Conference on Falls and Postural Stability


Ramat Gan, Israel, Sep 8, 2014 – EarlySense®, the market leader in contact free monitoring solutions today announced that its system has been successfully chosen as a framework provider for the supply of products to aid the prevention of patient falls in 34 NHS hospitals with over 6,000 beds in North West England. EarlySense through their UK distributor, Genesys Medical Solutions looks forward to working with the NHS through this partnership to help hospitals prevent patient falls.


In addition, clinical results showing significant reductions in patient falls and 30-day readmission rates by clinical teams using the EarlySense system will be presented today at the 15th International Conference on Falls and Postural Stability in Manchester, UK. These achievements open up significant new opportunities in the growing UK market for continuous contact-free surveillance solutions focused on patient safety and prevention of patient falls, reduction in hospital acquired pressure ulcers (decubitus), early detection of deterioration and readmission rate improvement.


According to a report from the Patient Safety Observatory by the UK National Patient Safety Agency in 2007 for the NHS, patient falls account for almost 40% of the patient safety incidents in NHS hospitals. The report specifies that even falls without injury can lead to increased length of stay and discharge to residential or nursing home care. In an average 800-bed acute hospital trust, there will be over 1,260 falls and estimated costs at a minimum of £92,000 per year.


At the Conference, Dr. Spigel, from Dorot Medical Center will present outcome results achieved with the EarlySense system that include a 28% reduction in falls and 19% improvement in readmission rates. In similar institutions, US researchers reported 47% decrease of fall events using the EarlySense monitoring solution (Z. Palace, et.al, AGS 2013)

“The EarlySense Solutions provide clinicians with advanced capabilities to proactively reduce patient falls, pressure ulcers and deterioration events.” Says Ian Niblock, Director, Genesys Medical Solutions, the exclusive distributor of EarlySense product line in the UK “The system allows the clinician to personalize the settings to each patient and clinician need. For example, The EarlySense Solution enables the caregiver to choose between 6 levels of sensitivity for Bed Exit, based on a personalized fall risk assessment, obtained at the patient admission stage. Immediate alert based on a patient’s status can be transmitted to handheld devices and remote displays, helping the staff to promptly respond to any bed exit attempt.”


The EarlySense Safety System also assists in the reduction of hospital acquired pressure ulcers that are estimated in the UK at £3.361 billion per year. This solution includes an automatic motion analysis to aid clinicians in identifying patients at higher risk for developing pressure ulcers, and managing their repositioning protocol.


EarlySense product line uses contact-free and continuous monitoring capabilities for early detection of patient deterioration, empowering clinicians to provide effective timely intervention through monitoring and analysis of the heart rate and respiratory rate.



About EarlySense

EarlySense has brought to market an innovative technology designed to advance proactive patient care and empower clinicians to achieve better patient outcomes. Through early detection, the EarlySense technology assists clinicians in identifying and preventing potential adverse events. It does so by providing motion rates and bed exit alarms, to help reduce falls and pressure ulcers, as well as surveillance of heart and respiratory rates to potentially detect patient deterioration. The company’s technology provides a continuous, contact-free, patient safety monitoring solution that monitors and documents a patient’s vital signs and movement using a sensor that is placed underneath a bed mattress. There are no leads or cuffs to connect to the patient who has complete freedom of movement and is not burdened by any cumbersome attachments.

The technology is currently being used at hospitals and rehabilitation centers in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. EarlySense International headquarters is in Israel, and US headquarters is in Waltham, MA.

1. Dealey C, Posnett J, Walker, A. (2012). The cost of pressure ulcers in the United Kingdom, Journal of Wound Care: 21(6): 261-266)