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Jan 3, 2017
EarlySense Launches LIVE, First Clinically-Proven Contact-Free Health Tracking Sensor to be Made Available to American Consumers


LIVE by EarlySense delivers medical grade technology to deliver the most accurate heart, breathing and sleep information to aging consumers and caregivers in real-time


LAS VEGAS, NV – January 3, 2017 – EarlySense, the market leader in contact-free, health and wellness sensing and analytics, announced today it has created the first contact-free consumer health monitor capable of providing accurate information to users, their families and their caregivers on heart, breathing cycles, stress and sleep indicators.

Based on the same contactless monitoring technology that has been used in US hospitals and clinics for the last decade, LIVE by EarlySense provides people with critical information about vital signs so they can more proactively manage their own health and allow for graceful aging.

By monitoring vital parameters during sleep, LIVE is able to collect effortlessly hours of continuous health information every day. The simple-to-use app identifies changes in any of these health patterns, and alerts people when there are significant changes. This way, users can take action or even consult a healthcare professional before a real problem develops.

For family members and caregivers of aging parents, LIVE has remote access capabilities through the LIVE+ mobile app, which offers a peace-of-mind safety net, providing key real-time information from anywhere on their loved one’s health patterns.

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“As the U.S. population ages, it is paramount that we empower our seniors and their families to age safely and respectably at home.  For the first time ever, a contact-free sensing technology trusted by doctors to help them provide better care in hospitals is now made available for every home,” said Avner Halperin, Founder and CEO of EarlySense. “LIVE by EarlySense is engineered with the intentions and needs of seniors, their families and their caregivers in mind – tracking health, helping optimize sleep and analyzing heart and breathing cycles so family members can rest assured regarding their loved ones’ health and sleep patterns.”
LIVE by EarlySense consists of two components that enable respectful and independent aging: an under-the-mattress piezoelectric sensor disk and the LIVE+ mobile app with remote access, which provides users with access to real-time vitals, daily sleep and wellness reports, and real-time user-configured alerts sent directly to family members and caregivers.
Initial users of LIVE have noted the importance of the data they receive, as they are able to share this information with their families and even with professional caregivers.


“I may not have the normal health complication markers,” said one tester, “but because of this beta it has opened up the eyes of my doctor and myself into a possible issue to watch.”



Another user reported that his wife chose to share the LIVE information with her physician, who upon reviewing the available sleep data, decided to prescribe her a sleeping aid, which resulted in improved sleep: “Her nightly sleep has improved considerably as reflected in the sleep summary… I question my wife each morning as to what the (LIVE) summary shows … waking up, getting up, approximate duration of each … Everything checks out.”


As opposed to other fitness and health trackers, many of which have had their accuracy challenged, the accuracy of LIVE by EarlySense was professionally tested in clinical study and found to be 92.5% as accurate as polysomnography (PSG), the wired testing process used in clinics around the world to detect sleeping patterns and potential disorders.
Heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing, movement, stress, and sleep patterns are extracted from the signals using patented algorithms. Data analysis occurs in the cloud and results are displayed on the LIVE app in real-time.
“Hundreds of thousands of patients were monitored by the hospital-proven version of this technology to bring it to this powerful level of accuracy. It is truly a milestone moment in democratizing healthcare to make such a technology available to all,” added Halperin.
LIVE by EarlySense has a suggested retail price of $199, and will be available at




About EarlySense

EarlySense is the market leader in contact-free and continuous monitoring for the medical and consumer wellness markets, with a unique sensor that is placed under the mattress and advanced analytics that leverage big data capabilities to provide unique offerings. The company’s solutions monitor heart and respiratory rate, as well as movement and sleep. EarlySense’s medical solutions for institution and home environments assist clinicians in early detection of patient deterioration and in identifying and preventing potential adverse events such as patient falls and pressure ulcers. EarlySense’s consumer health and wellness solutions facilitate personal health, wellness and sleep improvement and are a key part of smart home solutions. EarlySense also offers OEM solutions for companies looking to expand their products by providing contact-free and continuous sensing capabilities. EarlySense has already partnered with Samsung, Beurer, Icon Health and Fitness, Welch Allyn, and Verlo in bringing its technology to market.  The company’s international headquarters are in Israel. The US headquarters are in Waltham, MA. The EarlySense Medical Systems are currently installed in hospitals and rehabilitation centers in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.


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