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Jan 24, 2017
EarlySense Surpasses Half A Million Monitored Patient-Days in 2016, Helps Clinicians Save Estimated 550 Lives


Company Achieves Significant Growth as Demand for Continuous Monitoring Solutions Increases across Continuum of Care


Ramat Gan, Israel, January, 23, 2017EarlySense, the market leader in contact-free continuous monitoring solutions, announced today that adoption of its medical system increased by nearly 40% in 2016 to more than 105  clinical care areas globally. In total, the EarlySense system monitored more than 115,000 patients and over half a million patient-days in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. In addition, more than 100,000 home monitoring days were recorded.


According to a statistical analysis, it is estimated that clinicians using the EarlySense system were able to leverage the data and alerts to save more than 550 lives, 800 falls, and over 45,000 hospitalization days, creating a total cost savings of approximately $30 million.*


“In 2016, EarlySense significantly expanded the reach and impact of our hospital-proven technology and we are pleased to achieve these milestones,” said Avner Halperin, Founder and CEO of EarlySense. “Almost daily we hear from medical institutions about how they saved a life or dramatically improved a patient’s outcome by leveraging EarlySense – it is extremely rewarding. It is clear that continuous monitoring is poised to become a global standard of care, and we look forward to providing valuable health insight and support to facilities, health teams and patients in 2017 and beyond.”


This year, EarlySense launched InSight, to help skilled nursing facilities reduce hospital readmissions and patient falls. The company also introduced a new Multi-Parameter Alert capability for its hospital system to support the protocol for early detection of sepsis – a leading cause of death in hospitals.


In addition, during 2016 Frost & Sullivan report published a report which emphasized the clinical and financial benefits that contact-free continuous monitoring can provide the U.S. health system. This includes a potential savings of $15 billion annually, in addition to playing a potential key role in avoiding more than 200,000 deaths and reducing nearly three million ICU days.

In June, EarlySense raised $25M in Series G funding to fuel its global growth and accelerate activities in both the medical and consumer health markets. The company also received several awards and was included on the Deloitte 2016 Technology Fast 50 list. EarlySense was also honored by the AAMI Foundation for advancing continuous monitoring for patients on opioids and received a PLUS X award for product innovation through its partnership with Germany-based Beurer.


Earlier this month, EarlySense launched LIVE, the first consumer product for health and sleep monitoring based on medically-proven technology.



About EarlySense

EarlySense provides contact-free, continuous monitoring solutions for the medical and consumer digital health markets. EarlySense’s patented sensor and advanced algorithms monitor and analyze cardiac, respiratory and motion parameters. Used in hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide, EarlySense assists clinicians in early detection of patient deterioration, helping to prevent adverse events, including code blues, preventable ICU transfers, patient falls and pressure ulcers.

LIVE by EarlySense is the first home health and sleep monitor powered by medically-proven, contact-free, continuous monitoring technology. The company’s OEM technology is also at the core of wellness and sleep products marketed by international partners including Samsung, Beurer and iFit. EarlySense was founded in 2004 and has offices in Waltham, MA, and Ramat Gan, Israel.

For more information, please visit www.earlysense.com and www.livebyearlysense.com.

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Follow LIVE by EarlySense on Facebook and Twitter


(*) It is not possible to precisely determine the overall clinical and economic impact of implementing EarlySense systems globally. However, assuming that the outcome achieved in every bed is in line with the results published in the American Journal of Medicine in relation to reduction of adverse events are applicable worldwide, it is generally estimated that by early detection and intervention, clinicians were able to impact patients and hospitals as outlined herein.