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Aug 8, 2017
Allure Group is First NYC Skilled Nursing Network to Implement EarlySense Proactive Patient Monitoring System


Continuous monitoring technology improves patient outcomes through early detection, reducing hospital admissions


NEW YORK (August 8, 2017)The Allure Group announced today that it will become the first network of skilled nursing facilities in Manhattan and Brooklyn to implement the EarlySense contact-free patient monitoring system. The continuous monitoring technology that tracks patient vital signs and movement will be rolled out beginning this month and is expected to have immediate positive impacts on patient care and outcomes.


The FDA-cleared EarlySense contact-free system provides medical staff with continuous, real time monitoring of heart rate, respiratory rate and movement through advanced sensors placed under a bed mattress or within a cushion of a chair, allowing patients freedom of movement that aids in recovery.


The system immediately notifies medical staff of adverse events such as breathing problems, heart rate irregularities or sudden movements. In facilities throughout the United States where the EarlySense System has been installed, it has shown to contribute to dramatic improvements, such as 45 percent reduction in patient falls1, 60 percent reduction in pressure ulcer development 2(bed sores), and up to 80 percent reduction in code blue events3 which are usually triggered by respiratory and/or cardiac arrest. Additionally, in a number of outside of hospital-settings, EarlySense has helped reduce hospital readmission rates by nearly 20 percent.4


“Investment in the EarlySense technology represents Allure Group’s ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality care for more than 1,500 resident patients throughout our network,” said Melissa Powell, Chief Operating Officer of Allure Group. “Through improved patient monitoring and data collection, our medical staff will be alerted before serious problems occur and can respond to patients’ specific needs swiftly and effectively. This is another step forward in our evolution of advanced care.”


“We are very pleased to call Allure Group a customer and look forward to partnering with them and their teams to implement our highly innovative solutions. As seen at other facilities using EarlySense technology, we expect that Allure’s facilities will see dramatic improvement in capturing potentially adverse events sooner, allowing patients to heal quicker while also reducing hospital readmission rates,” stated Tim O’Malley, President of EarlySense Inc.


Heart rate and respiratory rate are the two most important and earliest predictors for patient health deterioration. Focusing on those vital signs, studies have shown that healthcare professionals using EarlySense have significantly reduced adverse events, including hospital readmissions – a major benefit to both patients and nursing facilities, which incur financial penalties when patients are readmitted.


Rekha Bhandari, MD, Allure Group’s Chief Medical Officer added, “EarlySense alerts are customizable to individual patients, allowing our medical staff to provide personalized care tailored to each resident’s needs. The technology has also been shown to cut down on false alarms, improving response times by enabling us to focus care where its most critically needed.”

Additional improved patient outcomes include demonstrable reductions in accidental falls out of bed, reductions in the incidence of pressure ulcers (bed sores), and advance warning of potential pain, risk or confusion such as resident wondering.


The Allure Group’s Bedford Center will be the first nursing facility in New York City to receive the EarlySense technology when its 200 beds are equipped this month. EarlySense will be installed at Allure’s five other nursing and rehabilitation centers located throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan by the end of the year.

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About Allure Group

Founded on the principles of compassion, respect and clinical excellence, The Allure Group is a network of comprehensive skilled nursing facilities in New York City that offer innovative rehabilitation programs and sub-acute nursing care. Facilities include Hamilton Park Center in Bay Ridge, Linden Center in East New York, Bedford Center in Williamsburg, King David Center in Bensonhurst, Crown Heights Center, and Harlem Center.


About EarlySense

EarlySense® provides contact-free, continuous monitoring solutions for the medical and consumer digital health markets. EarlySense’s integrated sensor utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analytics to provide actionable health insights and improve clinical outcomes.


Used worldwide in hospitals, rehab and skilled nursing facilities, EarlySense assists clinicians in early detection of patient deterioration, helping to prevent adverse events, including code blues  which are a result of cardiac or respiratory arrest, preventable ICU transfers, patient falls and pressure ulcers.


EarlySense® Live™ is the first at-home consumer health monitor powered by EarlySense’s medically-proven sensor and AI analytics.  Live is particularly useful for tracking the health and sleep of the aging population and children, to help facilitate better health choices.


EarlySense has partnered with leading global technology companies including Samsung, Welch Allyn, iFit and Beurer. The company is based in Ramat Gan, Israel and Waltham, MA.
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