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Apr 28, 2016
MEDIA ADVISORY: Clinical, Legal and Patient Advocates for Continuous Patient Monitoring Gather to Press Home Life- and Cost-Saving National Priorities at DC Panel
Monday, May 2nd, 10:45AM, Churchill Hotel, Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC, April 27, 2016 – Nearly one-third of U.S. hospitals function with negative operating profit margins or low single-digit revenue growth. Institutional survival has hospital executives searching to balance patient outcomes, patient satisfaction with incremental revenue and staff efficiency gains.  To balance budgets, some hospitals are reducing physician and nursing staff adding to the challenge of monitoring patient status.  Smart technologies provide continuous monitoring and are among the most cost-effective solutions.  The challenge is to overcome organizational perception around cost and technological implementation.


National experts from Frost & Sullivan, Brigham & Women’s Partners, Physician-Patient Alliance for Health and Safety and a noted patient-care advocate will outline on Monday, May 2nd why continuous patient monitoring should be a public health priority.   This panel, supported by EarlySense Inc., will be held concurrently with the American Hospital Association Annual Meeting. The conversation will also be live streamed at:



  • David W. Bates, MD, MSc, chief innovation officer and senior vice president, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Partners Healthcare; internationally renowned for his work regarding the use of health information technology to improve the safety and quality of healthcare
  • Charlie Whelan, director, Frost & Sullivan, Healthcare Consulting Practice, North America, author of Finding Top-Line Opportunities in a Bottom-Line Healthcare Market, to be released during the Panel. He is often sought for his insights in the multi-billion dollar medical technology industry
  • Michael Wong, JD, founder and executive director, Physician-Patient Alliance for Health and Safety, a national expert noted for driving practical solutions to reduce healthcare costs, decrease medical errors and improve patient health outcomes
  • Patricia LaChance, a patient advocate and national spokesperson for continuous monitoring resulting from the death of her husband post rotator-cuff surgery resulting from pain-medication reaction and slow-reaction monitoring

Panelists will share clinical and health economic data, legal implications and impact on patient outcomes in an effort to make continuous monitoring a public-health priority.


Sarah Brawner
DVL Seigenthaler
A Finn Partners Company
Cell: +1 202 213 1799


Maayan Wenderow
EarlySense Inc.
Cell: +1 617 971 6464