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EarlySense InSight System
The EarlySense InSight System Continuously Monitors Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Motion Empowering Staff for:


  • Early Detection of Patient Deterioration

  • Fall Prevention
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention


The InSight System is ideal for a wide variety of clinical settings such as waiting areas, transitional care, psychiatric, rehab, skilled nursing facilities and hospital environments.

In the event of a change in a patient’s status, the System alerts nurses at the Central Display Station (CDS), on large screens in prominent locations and on handheld devices.



Patient Safety: Reduce Falls & Pressure Ulcers

EarlySense’s patient safety solution is dedicated to reduce patient falls and pressure ulcers by providing the staff with tools to manage the patients’ exits out of bed and facilitate turn protocols.


Early Detection of Patient Deterioration

Continuous monitoring of the two most important predictors for patient adverse events, Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate1,  allows opportunities for Early Intervention.




“Early detection of patient deterioration in general care units should be a top priority for healthcare institutions. Continuous monitoring is a key factor in recognizing and promptly responding to early warning signs which should help decrease patient morbidity and mortality, as well as length of hospital stay and costs.”
Zachary J. Palace, MD
Dr. Palace is the Medical Director at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale.




1. Chaboyer, W et al, Am J Critical Care. 2008;17: 255-263

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