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The EarlySense Solution

Use of continuous monitoring for isolation patients.

image of EarlySense Isolation Room
image of EarlySense contact free sensor
EarlySense under the mattress Contact-free Sensor

Isolation Room Configuration with External EarlySense2 Vitals Display

Currently used at Sheba Medical Center in Israel to monitor quarantined Princess Cruise passengers for COVID-19.

Completely Contact-free Continuous Monitoring or Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, and Motion

  • Nothing on the patient
  • No risk of cross-contamination
  • Data is updated twice per second with clinically proved outcomes published in the American Journal of Medicine

Minimize Care Team Need to Enter Isolation Rooms

  • Vital sign data on display outside of patient room
  • Central display provides vital sign data on all admitted patients in centralized location
  • No leads or wires to adjust/fall off

Healthcare workers are one of the groups at greatest risk.

image of EarlySense ES2 Unit

ES2 or InSight Unit

Can be placed outside of the patient's room displaying current Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate.

image of computer monitor with health dashboard

Central Display

Provides comprehensive view of all patients admitted with ability to send alerts to communications devices.

Hear from Tim O'Malley, President & Chief Growth Officer at EarlySense