What People Are Saying

From Physicians

I see a future where millions are tracking their health at home. The missing link is hospital proven technologies – which we now have. This will dramatically improve quality of care and provide peace of mind for elderly and their loved ones.
Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, MD, Chief Medical officer
Our research shows that continuous monitoring is enormously valuable in hospitals. Now, we are at the beginning of a health-care revolution - especially with the elderly - bringing these smart sensors into homes.
-Dr. David W. Bates, MD, Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School, Chief Innovation Officer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Cardiac sensing at home, especially when done automatically, has huge benefits for improving everyday health and wellness.
The ability to precisely measure and analyze heart rate and heart rate variability - with no
dependence on compliance - is a game changer in empowering people to take control of their own health.
-Dr. Peter J. Fitzgerald, MD, Director of the Interventional Cardiology Research Laboratory at Stanford Medical School

From Consumers

I have talked to my doctor about maybe stopping breathing during the night and he is sending me for a sleep apnea test. I feel without the info from the instrument I would never of known this. I continue to see a pattern of low sleep levels form the app and hope to resolve them.

-Randy, EarlySense® Live™ User
I have taken the reported info to my doctor and asked questions about my health. He was not overly concerned, but advised me to continue to monitor myself. This is another reason EarlySense® LiveTM is so amazing to me. I may not have the normal health complication markers, but this product has opened up the eyes of my doctor and myself into a possible issue to watch. Something that could happen during my sleep that I would have never known about otherwise.
-Holly, EarlySense® Live™ User
I wondered why I am always tired and this showed me why.
-Penny, EarlySense® Live™
Loving EarlySense® LiveTM + SmartShareTM so much. A huge benefit for our family!!
-Amanda, EarlySense® Live™ + SmartShare™ User
EarlySense® LiveTM + SmartShareTM probably saved my husband’s life as it alerted me to heart rate issues and breathing issues prompting me to seek professional help. We found congestive heart failure the problem. This is a must have in every household.
-Anonymous, EarlySense® Live™ + SmartShare™ User
He frequently asks for naps since he
says his sleep is so awful - now I know
he's not just lazy.
-Brittany, EarlySense® Live™ + SmartShare™ User
I find EarlySense® LiveTM + SmartShareTM very useful in keeping track of my wife's sleeping. Her doctor just put her on a sleeping pill and her LiveTM sensor supported a 20 to 50 score higher.
-Allen, EarlySense® Live™ + SmartShare™ User
Set up was a breeze…And I love not having to actively do anything - how nice to be able to just get up and go!
– Megan S, EarlySense® Percept™ User
It was exactly on point with the day that I would start my cycle…I love the feature how it tracks my sleep habits and monitors my heart beat
-Taryn M, EarlySense® Percept™ User
This app and product was very easy to set up and start using. It actually resulted in a pregnancy for me and words cannot describe how thankful I am for that.
-Stephanie ,age 28,Michigan,EarlySense® Percept™ User
Percept has just about everything you want in a fertility assistance device. No charting, no waking up at crazy hours to take temperature, no sticks to dip, and definitely no fluids to check. Just sleep and let science and data do all the work. Percept predicted my fertile days and expected period days so accurately I couldn't believe it at first.
EarlySense® Percept™ User, age 33,Colorado
I’m very pleased with this product and it’s ability to predict menstruation and ovulation. After learning my cycle, it has been spot on each month.
Tonya,age 37,Kentucky,EarlySense® Percept™ User