Keep your family or caregiver in the loop.

*Add-On Feature for Live ™Users
Heart Rate | Breathing | Stress Level | Sleep Cycles

Connect to peace of mind.

EarlySense® SmartShare™ is a monthly subscription within the EarlySense® Live™ mobile app that delivers data captured by your EarlySense® Live™ heath monitor and enables you to share your health data with up to five people. They can receive real-time alerts and detailed daily health reports, directly to their smartphone.

The SmartShare™ Difference:

Keep family and caregivers in the loop by sharing health data captured by your Live™ sensor.
They can receive instant push notifications to their mobile devices if you have a high heart rate, high breathing rate, or don't return to bed.
Gain peace of mind knowing your loved ones or caregivers are monitoring your health and sleep remotely from their mobile devices.
They can receive daily summary reports with a full health and sleep analysis including sleep stages, heart rate, breathing rate, stress level, and movement.

Smartshare ™ Product Details

EarlySense SmartShare™ allows you remotely share the health data

captured by your Live™ sensor with up to 5 family members or caregivers

through the EarlySense Live™ mobile app for smartphones.


*Sensor and phone are not included.

Quick Setup Guide

Connect Sensor
Sync to the app
Slide it under
your mattress

What people are saying

“A huge benefit for our family!!” - AE (age 31, remotely following person age 65+)
I find the device very useful in keeping track of my wife's sleeping. Her doctor just put her on a sleeping pill and her Live Sensor supported a 20 to 50 score higher.
– Allen
Family Health Monitoring Kit
Ideal for... Personal use Personal use, plus sharing health and sleep data with a loved one Monitoring a loved one, such as an elderly parent or young child.
SmartShare™ monthly remote monitoring subscription service None Included Required
Smartphone required on-site of sensor
Real Time Health Tracking
Instant Night Alerts
Health Analysis & Sleep Score
Daily Feedback & Personalized Tips Tailored to user of Live sensor
Nutrition & Activity Diary
Export Health Data
Smart Wake-Up Alarm
Price $299.00 $299.00 + $4.99/month

Share important health data.

Keep your family or caregiver in the loop with

SmartShare™, a separate monthly subscription-based

feature in the EarlySense® Live mobile app which

allows up to five people to remotely access your health

data as a connected Live™ user.


  • Remotely share your health and sleep data
  • Connected to your Live™ sensor
  • Sent to their mobile device

Essential health alerts in real time

Your family or caregiver will receive push notifications sent to their mobile device that alert them of changes in your health patterns like high heart rate, high breathing rate, or if you don’t return to bed.

  • Wake up to a full health and sleep analysis
  • Gain peace of mind