The world’s first contact-free fertility monitor.


no peeing, patches, or temperature taking.

Meet Percept. No bands, bracelets, patches, sticks, saliva tests, interpreting data, weird-looking thermometers, remembering to pee, remembering to track, calculating, analyzing. Because when it comes to fertility tracking, it should be seamless.

Understanding your body is key to being in control of your fertility and conceiving faster. EarlySense® Percept is an under-mattress, clinically-proven fertility tracker that accurately pinpoints your dates of ovulation, fertility window, and period by seamlessly monitoring physiological signals including heart rate and breathing.

The Percept Difference:

Accurately pinpoints your next period, dates of ovulation, and 6-day fertility window based on physiological signals including heart rate and breathing.
Predicts your next period start date based on your body’s changing signals and artificial intelligence that continuously learns your body’s natural cycle, which helps to improve prediction accuracy over time. Shows menstrual cycle predictions for 3 months in advance allowing you to plan ahead. Maintains cycle history for up to 12 months.
Predicts your next ovulation date so you and your partner can plan ahead. Using artificial intelligence, Percept listens to your body and improves its prediction each month, helping you conceive faster and with confidence.
Monitors and analyzes sleep quality, stress level, heart rate, and breathing levels - giving you a better understanding of your overall health to help you conceive.

Provides invaluable tips to help you conceive and learn about your body on a variety of topics such as health, sex and more.
Uses artificial intelligence that continuously learns your cycle over time which helps improve the prediction accuracy.

contact-free fertility tracking. clinically proven.

There’s nothing to wear and no tasks to remember - who wants to pee on a stick anyway? Simply let the Percept sensor detect your body's natural, physical signals using clinically-proven technology.

Percept’s artificial intelligence technology has been proven to accurately predict a woman’s ovulation date when compared to gold standard methods in a clinical study. Whereas most period tracking apps are based solely on your cycle history, Percept monitors your body's most subtle signals in real time, such as heart rate and breathing, to forecast your fertility window and aid in conception.
How Percept Works
The sensor sits under your mattress and constantly yet quietly captures your body's signals while you sleep.
Those signals are translated into fertility data, which is instantly sent to the app on your smartphone through bluetooth.
Your period and fertility window predictions become more accurate every night with Percept’s artificial intelligence algorithms.
Percept provides the data you need at your fingertips when you need it without intruding your life.

Percept Product Details

Including our 60 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty

What’s in the box:
Contact-Free Sensor
AC Power Supply
Quick Setup Guide
Limited Warranty
*Note: Phone is not included

Quick Setup Guide

Connect Sensor
Sync to the app
Slide it under
your mattress

What people are saying

" I’m very pleased with this product and it’s ability to predict menstruation and ovulation. After learning my cycle, it has been spot on each month"
– Tonya., Age 37, Kentucky
"This app and product was very easy to set up and start using. It actually resulted in a pregnancy for me and words cannot describe how thankful I am for that"
– Stephanie ., Age 28, Michigan
Percept has just about everything you want in a fertility assistance device. No charting, no waking up at crazy hours to take temperature, no sticks to dip, and definitely no fluids to check. Just sleep and let science and data do all the work. Percept predicted my fertile days and expected period days so accurately I couldn't believe it at first.
– Percept User., Age 33, Colorado

no sticks or saliva tests. no rings, bands or bracelets.

When it comes to fertility tracking, the easier the better. No one needs another wearable gadget to deal with. Just slide Percept™ under your mattress, set it and forget it. Go about your life with confidence that the information you really need will be at your fingertips when you need it.

  • Under-mattress sensor with nothing to wear.
  • Easy, one-time setup.
  • View data from mobile app.

Inspired by nature, designed by science.

Percept™ is there for you when you are trying to take control of your fertility. Percept™ uses your body’s measurements such as heart rate and breathing rate to predict your upcoming period and ovulation. Percept’s algorithms work in real time so the cycle predictions are constantly updated based on your body’s signals captured by the sensor while you sleep.

  • Let artificial intelligence learn your body’s signals to improve prediction cycle-by-cycle.
  • Accurately pinpoint your dates of ovulation, fertility window, and menses.
  • Receive valuable daily tips on fertility, health, sex and more.
  • FDA-listed medical device that has been clinically-validated.

Stress-free fertility tracking. Non-wearable.Clinically proven.

Let Percept™ track your fertility cycle. Women’s control over their bodies requires them to understand their bodies. Percept™ listens to what your body is saying – the language it speaks in, the signals that it sends – and then delivers simple and valuable information to the app, in real time.

  • Accurate prediction of menstrual cycle and fertility window.
  • Real-time heart and breathing rates.
  • Sleep quality and relaxation level.