Monitor your loved one’s health - gain peace of mind.

Heart Rate | Breathing | Stress Level | Sleep Cycles

Real-time tracking of health and sleep data.

Smarter care is simple and convenient for everyone. With EarlySense® Live™ + SmartShare™ you can proactively monitor your loved one’s health via the EarlySense® Live mobile app at the most crucial time: when you can’t be there.

EarlySense® Live™ is an under-mattress health and sleep tracker powered by hospital-proven technology that tracks their health and sleep trends while the EarlySense® SmartShare™ subscription enables you to remotely access their data. You will receive alerts and detailed reports to keep yourself, caregivers, and other family members in the loop.

Receive unique daily summary reports with
a full health and sleep analysis including
sleep stages, heart rate, breathing rate,
stress level, and movement.
Receive push notifications if your loved one fails to return to bed or has changes in health patterns including high heart rate and high breathing rate
Export raw health data in a CSV format for up to 14 days at a time and send to your email
Receive daily summary reports with heart rate, breathing rate, total sleep time, time to fall asleep, times awakened, time out of bed, sleep efficiency, REM, light sleep and deep sleep
Receive unique daily summary reports with a full health and sleep analysis including sleep stages, heart rate, breathing rate, stress level, and movement.

Real-time Reassurance.

It all comes down to peace of mind.
Knowing more about your loved one's health empowers you to keep them healthy at home.
If there are changes in their heart rate, breathing rate or if they don’t return to bed, you will know in the moment.

Including our 60 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty

What’s in the box:

Power Supply
User Manual
Quick Guide
Monthly subscription within the EarlySense® Live mobile app. 

*Note: Phone is not included

Quick Setup Guide

Connect Sensor
Sync to the app
Slide it under
your mattress

What people are saying

He frequently asks for naps since he says his sleep is so awful - now I know he's not just lazy.
– Brittany
I find the device very useful in keeping track of my wife's sleeping. Her doctor just put her on a sleeping pill and her Live Sensor supported a 20 to 50 score higher.
– Allen
I was tracking my husband and could see his Heart and Breathing Rates go up as he contracted a fever and Live highlighted that change. A few days later was relieved to see the vitals go back to normal as his condition improved.
LT (age 51)

Family Health Monitoring Kit
Ideal for... Personal use Personal use, plus sharing health and sleep data with a loved one Monitoring a loved one, such as an elderly parent or young child.
SmartShare™ monthly remote monitoring subscription service None Included Required
Smartphone required on-site of sensor
Real Time Health Tracking
Instant Night Alerts
Health Analysis & Sleep Score
Daily Feedback & Personalized Tips Tailored to user of Live sensor
Nutrition & Activity Diary
Export Health Data
Smart Wake-Up Alarm
Price $299.00 $299.00 + $4.99/month

Essential health alerts in real time

Stay better connected to your loved one’s health with real-time alerts and notifications. Live™ continuously monitors throughout the night to identify vital signals which may warrant alerts, such as high heart rate, high breathing rate, and changes in sleep patterns or quality of sleep. Push notifications get sent directly to your smartphone through the EarlySense® Live mobile app’s SmartShare™ subscription to keep you in the loop.

  • Push notifications sent to your mobile device for high heart rate, high breathing rate, or if they don’t return to bed
  • Wake up to a full health and sleep analysis including sleep stages, heart rate, breathing rate, stress level, and movement.
  • Gain peace of mind

Safe. Accurate. Clinically-Proven.

Live™ uses technology trusted by physicians which has saved lives in hospitals around the world.  Safely and accurately track your loved one’s heart rate, breathing, stress levels, and sleep cycles with Live™ + SmartShare™. Be proactive about your loved one’s health.

  • Accurately monitor your loved one’s health
  • Get notified of changes in their health patterns via your smart phone
  • Technology used in hospitals worldwide

Zero contact.

The Live™ sensor is contact-free with nothing to wear. Tracking health and sleep data shouldn’t have to be complicated. Connect to peace of mind and remotely monitor your loved one’s health from the comfort of your home.

  • No bedside unit or medical equipment needed
  • No sensors to wear
  • Quick, easy, one-time setup
  • Connect remotely