Products for Physicians


EarlySense® Percept™ accurately predicts a woman’s 6-day fertility window, so she can plan ahead. With all of her menstrual cycle and fertility data easily viewed in the app, you can more easily discuss what course of action may be needed to help her conceive faster.


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Family Medicine

EarlySense® Live™ allows your patients to stay healthy at home by gathering important health and sleep data while they rest in their own bed. Real-time alerts and detailed, easy-to-read reports enable your patients to know if an issue occurs that requires a call to your office


Sleep disorders can be very much related to behavioral issues in children. Every night, EarlySense Live™ monitors their sleep cycle, breathing rate, and heart rate while they sleep in their own home so you can keep an eye on children’s sleep disorders, respiratory issues, and other health conditions. Parents can share a detailed report of the data so you can have a more informed discussion to make the best decisions about the child’s healthcare together.


EarlySense® Live™ accurately tracks heart rate and provides a clear report which can help you determine if your patient needs to be tested for heart conditions like high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, and other forms of heart disease.


Continuous monitoring of respiration rate is useful in earlier detection of exacerbations in patients with asthma, COPD and other chronic conditions. EarlySense® Live™ empowers patients by establishing and using their own personal baseline respiratory data and providing daily alerts for irregularities. Armed with this information, you can have more constructive discussions with your patients, without solely relying on self-reported data.

Sleep Experts

EarlySense® Live™ provides an in-depth summary of the sleep cycle and accurately detects breathing interruptions during sleep, which can help determine if a patient needs to have more testing done for sleeping disorders like sleep apnea.