Why EarlySense®

EarlySense® makes products that help you listen to your body. Our sensing technology constantly yet quietly captures important health data, giving you insights to inspire better, healthier decisions each day.

How the Technology Works

The sensor constantly yet quietly captures your health data under your mattress while you sleep.
The sensor picks up your body’s signals through sound waves in real time.
Your health data is instantly sent to the Live™ app on your smartphone.

Simple and contact-free

Our health monitors are sleek in design and barely noticeable. Tucked under your mattress, they work while you rest, and easily fit into any routine. Getting insights about your health, body and sleep shouldn't be complicated, wearable, cumbersome, or visible.

Real-time data and insights

By placing important information right in the palm of your hand, our products empower you to take action to improve your quality of life. It starts when you listen.

Hospital-proven technology

We developed our consumer health monitors based on the the same technology used in hospitals around the world with over 10 million hours of patient tracking. We believe everyone should have access to this innovative, sensing technology to gain greater insight into their lives and make healthier, more informed choices every day.
I see a future where millions are tracking their health at home. The missing link is hospital proven technologies – which we now have. This will dramatically improve quality of care and provide peace of mind for elderly and their loved ones.
Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, MD, Chief Medical officer
Our research shows that continuous monitoring is enormously valuable in hospitals.
Now, we are at the beginning of a health-care revolution - especially with the elderly - bringing these smart sensors into homes
Dr. David W. Bates, MD, Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School, Chief Innovation Officer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Cardiac sensing at home, especially when done automatically, has huge benefits for improving everyday health and wellness. The ability to precisely measure and analyze heart rate and heart rate variability - with no dependence on compliance - is a game changer in empowering people to take control of their own health.
Dr. Peter J. Fitzgerald, MD, Director of the Interventional Cardiology Research Laboratory at Stanford Medical School
patients monitored using our sensing technology*
home monitoring days have been recorded*
lives have been saved in hospitals around the world*

We’re backed by science

We want you to trust the technology you use to gain insight into your health, sleep and body. Our sensors have been tested in clinical settings to determine their reliability, accuracy and sensitivity. In fact, the Journal of Sleep Science published a study where participants were tracked overnight using an EarlySense monitor. Some of the participants slept alone, while others shared the bed with a partner.

The study confirmed that the EarlySense under-mattress sensor was a reliable, comfortable option and is highly accurate in detecting sleep and wake states relative to clinical gold standards.

So much happens while you sleep, and you can trust that the insights you receive daily are captured via our sensors which are scientifically validated for measuring movement, heart rate, and respiration.



We believe in quality of life

We embrace the notion that life can be improved through proactive health monitoring, and that innovation, insight and intelligence makes this possible.

It just makes sense.