Proactively Monitor Your Health

We want to help you understand your health in a way that’s useful and empowering. Our digital health products put that important health data in the palm of your hand without having any sensors to wear. Take comfort in listening to your body, because knowing more about your body inspires healthier decisions every day.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitoring your health in real time instantly puts important health data right in the palm of your hand.

Hospital Proven Technology

Our technology is trusted by physicians and used in hospitals around the world. We believe that everyone can benefit from having this technology in their home.

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With nothing to wear, our sensors simply slide under any mattress and connect through bluetooth.
You will never have the inconvenience of wearing a health tracker again.

Health Monitoring Technology For Your Home

EarlySense® digital health products help you listen to your body
using hospital-proven technology to track health data in real time.
Be proactive about your health from the comfort of your home.

Quick Setup

Connect Sensor
Slide it under
your mattress
Sync to the app

Already have a sensor?

Already have a sensor?

Customer Service
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Customer Experience
Set up was a breeze…And I love not having to actively do anything - how nice to be able to just get up and go!
– Megan S, EarlySense® Percept™ User
It was exactly on point with the day that I would start my cycle…I love the feature how it tracks my sleep habits and monitors my heart beat
-Taryn M, EarlySense® Percept™ User
I am really enjoying how this app predicts my cycle and days I am ovulating. I even tried an ovulation kit to see if it was right and it was!
– Stephanie P,EarlySense® Percept™ User
I find the device very useful in keeping track of my wife's sleeping. Her doctor just put her on a sleeping pill and her Live Sensor supported a 20 to 50 score higher.
-Allen, EarlySense® Live™ + SmartShare™ User
I have talked to my doctor about maybe stopping breathing during the night and he is sending me for a sleep apnea test. I feel without the info from the instrument I would never of known this. I continue to see a pattern of low sleep levels form the app and hope to resolve them.
-Randy, EarlySense® Live™ User
This product probably saved my husband’s life as it alerted me to heart rate issues and breathing issues prompting me to seek professional help. We found congestive heart failure the problem. This is a must have in every household.
-Anonymous, EarlySense® Live™ + SmartShare™ User

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