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The Voice of the Customer

By utilizing EarlySense’s contact-free, continuous monitoring system, these customers have been able to proactively manage their patients, intervene earlier and improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Here are some of their testimonials.

The Good Shepherd

Hear the Administrator, Director of Nursing, Rehab Charge Nurse, and Respiratory Manager describe how the EarlySense system has helped them with their ventilator patients, reduce falls, and increase their admissions to their rehab unit!

EarlySense has helped The Good Shepherd with:

  • Time Management
  • Fall Prevention
  • Increased Admissions
Good Shepherd image with play video icon overlayed

Avanti Wellness & Rehabilitation

Hear from the Administrator, Clinical Educator, Director of Nursing, RNs, a CNA, and an Avanti Partner, describe how the EarlySense system has helped them reduce falls, increase staff efficiency, and elevate the level of care they provide allowing them to take on higher acuity patients.

EarlySense has helped Avanti Wellness & Rehabilitation with

  • Fall Prevention of over 60%
  • Admit Higher Acuity Patients
  • ​Increase Staff Efficiency
Avanti Wellness and Rehabilitation image with play video icon overlayed

Interested in learning more?

Schedule a consultation with one of our patient safety experts to learn more about how our contact-free, continuous patient monitoring can improve patient safety for your facility or organization.