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Looking for ways to monitor your COVID-19 patients?

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Continuous monitoring improves patient safety

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patient falls1

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pressure ulcers2

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Early Detection Enables Early Intervention

Heart Rate. Respiratory Rate. Motion.

Detect Deterioration

Continuous monitoring of heart rate and respiratory rate allow opportunities for early intervention.

Prevent Falls

Designed to allow the fastest way to the patient.

Prevent Pressure Ulcers

Automatic motion analysis assists clinicians in identifying patients at high risk for pressure ulcers.

Continuous Monitoring Products Across the Care Continuum

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Hospital Products

Earlier detection of patient deterioration for non-ICU general wards

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Post-Acute Products

Contact-free patient monitoring that helps reduce rehospitalizations, falls, and pressure ulcers

Clinical Testimonials

"Early detection of patient deterioration in general care units should be a top priority for healthcare institutions. Continuous monitoring is a key factor in recognizing and promptly responding to early warning signs which should help decrease patient morbidity and mortality, as well as length of hospital stay and costs."

Zachary J. Palace, MD

Medical Director, Hebrew Home at Riverdale

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Why Make Continuous Monitoring a Priority?

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1 Palace, ZJ et al, AGS. May 2013

2 Brown, HV & Zimlichman, E, Improved Outcomes and Reduced Costs with Contact-free Continuous Patient Monitoring on a Medical-Surgical Hospital Unit 2010

3 Brown, Harvey et al. Continuous Monitoring in an Inpatient Medical-Surgical Unit: A Controlled Clinical Trial. The American Journal of Medicine, Volume 127, Issue 3, 226 – 232